Taking your Shopping Ads to the next level

Shopping Ads are taking an increasing proportion of paid search budgets from the world’s leading retailers because they work; driving sales, a fantastic ROI and attracting new customers.

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Why work with the Genie Shopping Network?


Genie Shopping has been at the forefront of Shopping Ads development since the platform was first opened to comparison shopping partners in 2017. One of our CSS sites, Crowdstorm, was one of the first whitelisted as ‘Google approved’ and we’ve been a Google CSS Partner ever since.


One key to our success is the tech. You’ll benefit from the unique bidding software that helped us become an award-winning Google Premier Partner (we were the ‘Google Shopping Innovation Award’ winner at the Google Premier Partner Awards 2017, where we were also in the top three EMEA agencies for both ‘Growing Businesses Online’ and ‘Search Innovation’).

Self-manage your Shopping feeds - or let us run them for you

After our tech, the second key to our success is flexibility. The CPA service will deliver highly efficient additional sales to your existing activity thanks to our granular approach and our ability to automate bidding and campaign structure at scale. But we offer two services, depending on how you wish to move forward:


Self-manage your PLAs through one of our CSSs and save the 20% margin Google Shopping charges on every bid


We run additional Google PLAs for you alongside your own activity on a CPA basis

Either way you’ll benefit from additional sales and quality new customers, at no risk to you – we don’t compete with your existing paid search activity, so all you’ll see is your click share increase.

How genie shopping will work alongside your own shopping activity